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 It is surprising to know that around one-third of the people who were diagnosed with cancer opted for alternative and complementary medicines like herbal medicine, acupuncture, yoga, meditation, and other supplements. According to Dr. Sanford, who is an Assistant Professor said that the most common alternative medicine which was used is herbal supplements. The second alternative medicine was Osteopathic manipulation or Chiropractic medicines.

According to the survey it was seen that the alternative and complementary medicines were mostly used by young patients. It was observed that 29% of them who were using alternative and complementary medicines do not reveal this to their physicians. They said that their doctors didn’t ask about it or they felt that it’s not necessary to inform the doctors.

The doctors say that it’s concerning when you go for the herbal supplements as we don’t know what they contain. They say that some supplements might interfere with the treatment provided to cancer patients. When there is an intake of high levels of antioxidants might reduce the effect of radiation. Though the doctors are pretty cautious of the use of herbs or any other supplements during treatment, they are also open to various practices like meditation and yoga. They feel that it would help the patients to cope and manage the stress levels of radiation, chemotherapy, and surgery. Dr. Sanford also said that they would advise their patients to stay active while performing certain exercises during the treatment process. The most common side effect for radiation would be fatigue and to stay energetic it’s important for you to do exercises. Yoga is very relaxing and you would definitely feel good and at peace after you finish your session.